Low-cost TTN LoRaWAN gateway

Marcel Gautschi
25. February 2020
LoRa Gateway

In order to be able to test and operate our LoRaWAN devices here at KELLER, we need a gateway. The gateways are connected to the network server of The Things Network (TTN), thus forming a global IoT network.

There is currently an interesting product on the market, which we have bought and tested: the LoRaWAN gateway, 2019's biggest LoRaWAN product launch.  
It is ideally suited to demonstrations at trade fairs or for customers (not least because it is small and budget-friendly, costing just 70 euros or so). The gateway is simply plugged into the 220V socket and connected to the TTN server via WiFi, for instance via a smartphone (access point).

Our verdict: for a low cost and with little installation effort, users can test or demonstrate their LoRaWAN products in a variety of locations. For us, an international company that presents its products at trade fairs and to customers worldwide, this is a valuable asset.

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