My First Months After the Apprenticeship

Caner Türkmen
06. December 2022

This summer I successfully completed my apprenticeship as a commercial clerk at KELLER. For the previous three years, I worked as an apprentice in various departments in the company. I gained knowledge in preparing work schedules, sales, purchasing and finally in the accounting department. In addition to that, I spent some time at various production departments as well as the shipping and marketing department. Now, this experience is over. For the last six months I have been working at KELLER as a full-time employee. 

What has changed?

Well, not much has changed since I finished my education. I am still in the accounting department and am doing the same work as before. However, there is no comparison to the beginning of my apprenticeship. I am now more independent and experienced. After three years of training, one or two days at school and the rest of the week in the company, that was also my goal. 

I see the fact that not much has changed as something positive. In my apprenticeship, my focus was a lot on learning and being useful to KELLER at the same time. As a trainee, however, I felt a greater sense of duty because I wanted to contribute to KELLER. I have not yet reached the point where I can do my job completely unaided, but I assume almost no one can do that. I am happy that I can always expand and share my knowledge. Even during my apprenticeship, I felt as though I was taken seriously, and my voice always counted. 

My insights into the various departments were also a benefit for my team. With the knowledge I gained, I was always able to help my current team in certain areas. In my opinion, you can acquire a lot of knowledge as an apprentice at KELLER. For example, I know the KELLER's various buildings very well and have had met and dealt with a wide range of employees. This helps me in my daily work. Although I have "only" been working here for three years, I have the feeling that I have known KELLER much longer.  My team colleagues also value that, whether apprentice or not.  

In conclusion, I can say that I found the transition from apprenticeship to permanent employment very smooth and without any major changes. I came to KELLER as a young man and wanted to acquire knowledge in a lively environment. That is still the case today. Titles and job titles don't matter to me. 


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