Team building day

Emanuel Reiser
06. October 2020

On 8 September 2020 the Youth Project team building day took place. The goal was for us all to get to know each other better and have some fun together. Because we will spend a lot of time together this year, it is important that we feel comfortable in the group and support each other. 

We left the company KELLER Pressure at 8 a.m. and entered the forest. We drove towards Frauenfeld, to Oberwil. Hans Widler, our electronics and sensor technology teacher, was already waiting for us at his house. Hans was our forest guide and also organised the day.

First we had breakfast and changed our clothes. Meanwhile Hans has already driven up with his tractor. On the way into the forest we collected a few branches, in order to impale the sausages on them later. When we arrived, we prepared and set things up for the archery and the fireplace. We chopped wood, made fire and prepared the vegetables. The boys had to cut vegetables while the girls shot with the bow – after that we alternated.

After we had eaten, we were allowed to drive the tractor and we organized an archery competition. At the end of the day we accompanied Mr. Dillier singing as he played the guitar. The day was fun and I ate a lot. At about 4 pm we cleaned everything up and went back to Hans' house, where we said goodbye and drove our cars back to the company.


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